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Preparing for your future


When you enroll at Studio M Academy you are required to work in a professional environment to get work experience. Our courses are structured so that all the work that you complete during your professional internship counts towards your final exam result. With the feedback we get from companies we can assess what you have learned during your courses, and help you boost your skills. 

After 20 years in the education sector we believe that a professional internship carried out during the course term is highly valuable not only to you but to companies that are looking for students with strong skills.  

Montpellier has a wide range of companies from art galleries to TV stations. We are also well connected to other cities as well. Some of our under-graduates have gone to other major cities in France to do professional internships including Paris and Lyon. 

If you want to find out more about our courses, and what we can offer you, download our brochure to get a comprehensive overview. On it you will find a detailed breakdown of our courses that we offer both French and English. 

You can also contact us anytime using our online form or directly at our international office:

International Office :  +33 659 639 966 

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