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Getting ahead of the competition


Today's job market is extremely competitive but never have we had so much opportunity to shine above the rest. With the emergence of new technologies and business approach to the web, we are seeing a rapid expansion of the creative industries from animation to web design. 

Job Market : How to stay competitive

We are working with industry insiders throughout the year who have an overview of the changes we are seeing in the creative industries. We prepare courses specifically around updated methods, and techniques widely used. In order to stay competitive in the job market you need to have a wide range of skills that can be adapted to new technologies. Examples including knowing how to use the latest software, but also understanding trends and consumer tastes. 

Course structure : Getting ready for your profession 

Workshops and internships are a major part of becoming a skilled professional. Throughout the course of your studies you will be given training specifically within a professional environment to help you understand the constraints, learn how to work with people, and get feedback from potential employers. 

Find out more about career prospects and check out one of our success stories for more information about work placements. 

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