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Creative choice : Following your passion 


While we give you the tools to perfect your artistic abilities we also encourage you to follow your passions. Some of our current students have brought their passions into the classroom which is incredibly rewarding. Ultimately having the creative freedom to choose, and to follow your instincts is what will guide you to success. Whether you love the X Men movies, or traditional art, we want to make sure that you are able to do what you love and learn about how to do it in a fun way. On top of this, bringing your creativity to others will allow you to make an impression, not just on us (because we love to see great work) but in a professional working environment. 

During your courses you will have the choice to study a professional internship so that you can bring your skills to a company that is working in your domain. Whether it's film, 3D animation, art or design, you can choose what you feel is the direction you want to pursue. This is something we are very proud of because education needs to be fun, and we hope to see some incredible art from you, and encourage you to let us know what creative direction you want to take. 

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