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"Looking back after having studied at Studio M"

Nicolas Langlade, aged 25 from Besançon is currently a journalist at Valence where he is  working for Virgin Radio. Nicolas sat down with us and shed light on his professional journey so far and offers advice to future Studio M students.

Nicolas Langlade's starting point was JRI at Studio M Montpellier. After finishing his studies 6 years ago, he worked for various radio stations such as Hot Radio and for a weekly paper called “La Vie Nouvelle” and finally he found his place with Virgin Radio at Valence. Looking back, he has a positive attitude towards his studies at Studio M and he is particularly grateful for the balance achieved in classes between theory (political science, history, geography, English…) and practical subjects (written press, radio, video…).

He recalls that his favorite moment was when CSA gave the school temporary access to the radio of Montpellier and during many months, he helped to run the radio along with other departments from the school. “Studio M taught me how to be independent and I always wanted to learn more”. A few words of advice form Nicolas…

What should future students do when trying to secure an internship or work with a particular company?

First of all it is important to make use of your “network”. It is like a sacred address book. Then you must write a CV and, most importantly, never forget to remind employers of your presence. Often your letter will be put aside unless you're phoning back and reminding contacts about your application.

What would you advise students that are entering the working world?

Don´t let anything drop. Impose yourself. Don´t let people walk over you and most of all ensure that you have the best possible background of knowledge and experience to secure yourself. Also, I would say it is important to not think about earning a high salary, at least at the beginning. You may also be asked to work early in the morning, late in the evening, at the weekend, during bank holidays…

What are employers currently looking for in a future employee?

At the moment, as a journalist I am often sent to work for different Medias and businesses are looking for people who are versatile and mobile. A good level of ICT is also essential. 

From Studio M, we thank Nicolas for sharing his experience and offering his valuable advice. We wish him the best of luck with his professional career at Virgin Radio.

About Studio M Academy

Part of our philisophy is to give students the opportuntiy to work in a professional environment during their studies. Internships are compulsory for a majority of our courses and therefore if you are seeking to study at Studio M, you will not only get the foundations of technique, but apply what you've learned in a professional environment. 

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