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Getting around : Transport

France has one of the most advanced transportation networks in the world. With TGVs, metros and tramways, France has excellent transport links and students coming to study abroad are able to get around without a car. In Montpellier there are numerous bus routes, and tramways that allow you to get around for very little cost.

Students who decide to choose some of our popular courses including our film diploma can be reassured that they will be able to travel not just within Montpellier, but also outside of the city and visit France.

Modes of transport:

The TGV (Train Grande Vitesse) is a high-seed train that tops 180mph and you can travel from Montpellier to other major cities in France,and Europe via the TGV. Popular destinations include Paris and Lyon.

The Tramway is present in major cities in France including Montpellier, Nice and Paris. This is a preferred choice for commuters who don’t need to travel far, and want to get around within the city that they live. A lot of students studying in Montpellier use the tramway to go from our campus back into other parts of the city.

Bus routes are plentiful in both Montpellier and in the region surrounding the city. Since our campus is located close to the seaside, students are often given the opportunity to take the bus on day-trips to the beach to carry out practical exercises.

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