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Internships are a very important part to the curriculum that we teach at Studio M Academy. Film diploma students as well as those undertaking 3D courses must complete an internship during their studies. This means that they have to work within a professional environment in order to complete their diplomas, and students are given the choice to stay in Montpellier or to go to other cities in France to work with companies. 

Some of our past students have worked for French TV channels, film production houses and graphic design studios. All of this information can be seen in our brochure.

If you are coming from abroad and want to study in France, undertaking an internship as part of a course is very important because it gives you a risk-free approach to learning. You can make the mistakes as part of your training, but at the same time learn within a professional environment that will prepare you for your career afterwards.

We hope to welcome you here very soon and feel free to contact us regarding internships and courses that we teach.

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