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Studying abroad in France

France has a rich cultural heritage going back thousands of years with traditions that have captured the world from French cuisine to paintings. To date, France is the most visited country in the world. With culture and art at the heart of French values, cinema and artistry is considered a 7th art. With a vibrant industry and a big domestic demand for French cinema, students studying abroad in France will discover the magic behind creation. To the French, it's not just about creating artwork but it's also about the philosophy behind it. 

At Studio M Academy, international students who want to study abroad are introduced to the values that the French creative industries hold, but also the techniques and abilities of the best in both France and other countries including the US and the UK. All creative industries today are linked very closely by the power of the web, so being trained in different techniques that matches the standards in the French industry and countries around the world is very important to our values. We hope to welcome you to join us in Montpellier to discover your path to success! 


Studying abroad

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