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Photography school - White balance

Getting the right photo on assignment at our photography school is about getting the correct balance of elements. Good framing, lighting, aperture and composition are all complimentary but there is one basic rule that can't be ignored.  

Get that yellow out of my frame! Photography school of basics

There are some things in this world that are unforgivable. One is having the wrong white balance before you start. Each setting you shoot in has a colour temperature background. Daylight is set manually at 5400k whilst indoor shoots are set at 3200K. If your colour balance settings are wrong you can blow your whole RGB spectrum out of the window. 

Automatic white balance helps beginners frame their shots and shoot with white balance set for the colour temperature interpreted by the chip of your camera. However, this is not always accurate, and will fluctuate over the course of the next few hours as lighting levels change. This will prove detrimental to you if you are shooting an outdoor event, and when you get home you will discover all your pics have different tones of whites. 

A white balance preset is recommended for all shooting situations, particularly when the light is changing in an outdoor setting. 

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