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Photography standards in a digital age

You will by now have heard of the DSLR. Everyone is getting onboard with these digital cameras because they offer so much flexibility, but this also means that the industry standard is rising.  

Nowadays you can get hold of digital cameras with 20 megapixels and more. You can truly create incredible photography but it's not always a sure thing. Even with the best camera package, taking a picture still requires an understanding of framing, lighting, and technical knowledge. 

With so many DSLRs, prime lenses and an array of digital tools, the overall industry standard of photography has changed, and its with this change that we feel its important to reflect upon "how to be at the cutting edge."  

Using both a wide range of cameras and software we teach our students how to understand the art of photography. Technical and practical workshops make up part of this art, but that doesn't complete the foundation of a good photographer. Being able to work with people in a professional environment, and employ all these tools at our disposal is what will secure you a working placement. Connecting, and appreciating what a client needs, what the expectations are, and how to use the gear you have to maximise your talents will give you a strong portfolio. This is what will prepare you for your future.  

We hope that you can come and visit us, to check out what we have on offer, and also to meet some of our teachers, who are also professionals in the industry.