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Photography school - Style of shot 

Our photography school in Montpellier France emphasises style. Each student must posses their own style of photography in order to stand out in the professional world. To do so requires a training that helps future photographers understand the different methods used to create style. 

Styling the money shot - Photography school of Sensuality

Bringing glamour and style to photography is part of the art, and can be a highly rewarding process for the inner artists looking to excel in this domain. Photography allows us to take simple images and manipulate them to create style. So how is this done? 

If we look back to the film noir classics of 1950s American Hollywood we can see just how much time is spent on lighting to make these films stand out and push the boundaries of subtle storytelling. The idea of black and white photography has been around for over 100 years, and it comes with a style that can be manipulated on many levels. Changing the depth of tones, blacks, contrast, shadows, can tell so much more about your picture and is one of the sought after styles. 

Other photography styles include saturating colours, sepia tones, cold RGB, manipulating levels, diffusing images and much more. Finding a style and adapting it to a picture to tell a story is a magical process and we hope you will be able to play around with, both on the shoot, and when you upload it to your photo suite.  

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