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Photographer showcase

There are many great photographers around the world that we would like to highlight here on our website. Each example of their work is a fascinating study in the art of digital photography, and shows a different creative approach to taking pictures.  

One of the greatest qualities we see in successful photographers is a unique personal style. This can be through colour, choice of lenses, subject matter, technique and more. To find out more about our courses check out our photography school.

Successful photographers

Jamie Beck - Inventor of the Cinemagraph


Jamie Beck's work along with Graphic artist Kevin Burg has created a photography trend around the world for photos with moving images. Essentially a cinemagraph is a mini-movie within a photo, composed of many still frames within a single animated GIF


Marta Szczesniak - Celebrity and fashion photographer


Marta Szczesniak's work in the domain of fashion and celebrity is exceptional. Her abilities to capture light and give her subjects depth and beauty is what makes her stand out in the entertainment industry.


Adrian Wilson - Photographer and Interior designer


Adrian Wilson is one of the industry's most successful photographers, working for big brands like Apple, Chanel and Victoria's secret. Adrian's eye for detail and composition make him a go-to photographer.