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Photography skills : Working with people

Digital photography courses provide you with the skills to learn how to make your passion come true, but how do you get a job?

One of our principles at Studio M Academy is to prepare students for the professional world and to do so in a practical context. During studies, students will be asked to carry out a professional internship to excel at their craft, and understand how to work with people.

With a variety of local businesses near our school in both tourism, entertainment and culture, there is a good opportunity to get a solid foundation. What sets us apart from other schools is that we encourage students to actively seek professional experience during their studies. 

We provide a range of tools and a photography studio, but beyond the techniques comes the professional work ethic, which is important for any successful photographer. 

Come check out our school in Montpellier and see what we have on offer. Our photography courses vary depending on your level of education.