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Photography : A picture tells a thousand words

Photography is used as a communication tool in many mediums today from print magazines to scientific study. Each field is unique and the use of photographs in these industries are used for different purposes. 

The idea that a still frame can represent a thousand words is a catchphrase but it has merit. Each culture is different and each interpretation of an image is different. Whether you are from South Korea or India, a photo will have a different meaning and emotional connection to you.

Part of understanding photography, is understanding the way people perceive it. Learning the skills to shoot great photography is just the beginning of your journey. Once you have grasped the technical nature of how to take pictures, you can really start to master your art. What is your style? What are your values? How will you make the approach, and what do you want to show the world?

With that in mind, take a peak of our photography courses. We have our own indoor studio and development lab, so students can work on a variety of projects throughout the year including photoshoots and on location.