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Photography careers - On-set photographer

Ever wondered how those pictures of films get released and who was behind them? Look no further. The on-set photographer is the film industry's image creator

Photography career path: The role of an on-set photographer 

On-set photographer's are well trained to understand the confinements of a film set. Being able to capture the action on-set discreetly is part of the job, and you must be able to find truly innovative ways to get the ideal shots without bothering the crew or the actors. 

On-set photography stills are used by production companies to promote their upcoming movies. They will often release these ahead of the official film release so that journalists can use them to talk about the movie. On-set photographers will often have a background in film training and will produce a variety of photographic stills from close up portraits to landscape and in-action shots, such as stunt work and pyrotechnics (explosions).  

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