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Photography as a tool in news

Photography is an integral part of the news cycle as images are used as a communication tool for all kinds of stories

News reports on TV

News reports that are live or recorded sometimes use still photography to provide detail on a particular subject or to inform viewers of a specific subject related to the news story at hand. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a photograph of a particular building, tool or person to illustrate a news story, introduce a new technology or describe a particular area using a map.

These images are often taken by photo reporters or by news staff who are also trained in editing, who can mix them up, add titles and place them on a blue screen background for live viewing. (read more below)


Photography on the scene

Digital photography is a key component of the news environment and often stories are created using a mixture of stock photos and on the scene photographs. For example, during the Haiti disaster, news agencies used live reports and images to illustrate the hardships that the Haitians faced after the earthquake. Some were of course, satellite images, which were edited by the news team and mixed for live programming

Photography in news blogs

Photography is also a component of news blogs and article writing. Without a photo, it is impossible to convey the message and tone of a story. 99% of all blog articles that are written have a photo.

Photography in the overall environment

It is clear that photography has many uses within the news environment. There are many more instances we can suggest, including entertainment and fashion news, where photography is used to show styles and glamour. For news, the information of a photo is used as a complementary tool for audiences to connect with the topic at hand.

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