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Photography school - Tripod or handheld?

Our photography school is situated in France's picturesque town of Montpellier. Photography course students are given assignments to take pictures on location as well as in our photo studio. So how do we approach hand held camera work vs on a tripod? 

Steady on the shot : Photography school of method

In order to get the perfect shot, photographers must match good lighting, the right lens, and great composition to get a good photographic result. Sometimes situations arise where handheld is more appropriate for photography.  

Being out and about on location, particularly as an on-set photographer means that you have to get in and out of scenes quickly. You have to be almost invisible so handheld work is the only way to go. On the other hand, for sports events, and high motion imagery, having a tripod is vital. Because you are taking pictures at such a high frame rate, and you need to be able to follow the action (people running) having a tripod allows you to follow the movement with fluidity and take a clean picture. With a high shutter speed and a shaky cameraman, you may still miss the action because you are not prepared for the speed of the movement. Getting the right frame with the use of a tripod in this situation is thus required. 

You can check out our photography courses offered in Montpellier by downloading our brochure. Students who wish to apply for photography courses will be able to work with both handheld, and mounted cameras.