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Photography school – Lighting

Having an under-exposed shot, or blown out digital photo is never a good thing. Our photography school in Montpellier, France teaches students lighting techniques for indoor and outdoor situations

Lighting: Photography school of Illumination

Photography students must be able to understand the fundamentals of light exposure and capture images with the right illumination. Working with f-stops and shutter speed is just part of this process. Being able to calculate the depth-of-field and the level of light a lens can capture is also important. Each lens has a different sensitivity, and depending on the background light, must be calibrated accordingly.

With out indoor photo studio and easy access to outdoor locations, our photography school teaches students the techniques of lighting to ensure that their pictures are captured at the right light intensities. This also considers the creative aspects of lighting, not just from a technical standpoint of view. 

Check out our photography courses and feel free to  download our brochure for more details. This includes student work. 


Our school director is available to take your calls and provide you with information regarding our photography courses and studying in France.

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