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JR's projects include:

Portraits of a Generation: Following his first illegal exhibition in the suburbs of Paris, JR continued to work on his projects- this time respecting the limits of the law. The Parisian areas chosen to bare witness to the huge posters that would cover buildings and walls were, in actual fact, the epicenter of the 2005 riots. In areas which are otherwise known for their high immigrant numbers, violence and poverty levels, JR gave voice to inhabitants that are otherwise left to fend for themselves in these tough neighborhoods. 

Face2Face: eyes, noses, ears and mouths pulled and twisted in every direction to make all sorts of funny faces. An innocent and amusing project.  However, when these faces belong to Palestinians and Israelites, the meaning of the subject becomes somewhat more serious and meaningful. Faces that have no label attached indicating their nationality- they are simply peaceful people who have joined together in a peaceful project – a sharp contrast to what these conflictive, hostile zones are accustomed to.

Women are Heroes: An exhibition dedicated to women. Africa, Brazil, India and Cambodia provided the backdrop, yet the protagonists here are the women themselves. The viewer gets close to them and their stories by looking into their facial expressions projected onto any wall that is coverable. Laughter, grimaces, tongues, eyes, who knows what lies behind their expressions.

 • Los Surcos de la ciudad: this time JR unveils his project in the antique roman settlement of Cartagena in Spain. A historical city that is reflected in time-worn faces of the elderly. Just as the historic streets of the city reveal its past, the deep wrinkles that have penetrated the skin of its inhabitants have many a tale to tell. This theme has also been taken to the streets of Shanghai and Los Angeles. 

Unframed: For the first time, it is not JR who is behind the camera, rather other photographers. JR has decided to use images taken by others and apply his style by presenting them to the world with his black and white huge-scale posters.

Current project

That’s the way to paint North Korea”! His current project is, as you have guessed, North Korea. A country often in the limelight but one we know little about. JR continues pasting black and white posters and getting up close and personal with the inhabitants.

At Studio M we believe JR has produced projects that have bought together communities and have promoted humanity in its purest from. As future photographers, JR is truly inspiring. 


Article Written by Michelle De La Rosa Lewis (Student at Studio M Academy)