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Photography resources 

Whether you've just come out of high school or are looking to change career path, Studio M Academy offers students a unique opportunity to study photography in one of France's most picturesque town; Montpellier. With a fully equipped photography lab and studio, our school offers students a fully immersive training experience, which also includes a professional internship. 

Below you will find some of the web's top photography resources to give you some pointers and guide you toward the tools that are in use today. We have the latest DSLR cameras, as well as 35mm cameras, which is integral to the training we provide. Some of the world's greatest photographers started out on 35mm, and to be able to understand the nature of photography outside the digital world, is a big benefit. 

Check out our Photography School to find out more about our courses. 

Photography resources online

- Smashing Magazine provides an in-depth look at photography sources on the web. Check out their Top 50 free photography resources to help you improve your photography. 

- Mashable has compiled the best technology to help you share and edit your photos across the web in a comprehensive Top 90 Photography Tools list.

- One of the best photography sites on the web for the 'hardcore' enthusiast is the Digital Photography School, which features a host of articles and helpful How To's to help you get more out of your DSLR photography.