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Photography school - Framing for perfection

Studying Photography is an art form on many levels. A photography school can teach you many techniques to perfect this artistry from lighting to framing.

Framing : Photography school of thought

Framing is an important aesthetic to consider as this technique gives a background story to your image. What you put in your frame determines this story and the outcome of your image. However, there is more to in than just that. How you pitch your shot angle can also give depth and meaning. If you take a picture of someone from a lower vantage point, how does that impact the way you feel about the image of that person? They look more powerful don’t they? This is just a very brief example, but frames are choices, and there is a lot of meaning to how each frame is conceived,  and taking the full shot of someone, an object, or even a wide-angle shot of particular background can always be told in different ways.

Studio M courses provide photography students both the theory and the practical methods to apply professional techniques to photography. We are very passionate about this art form, and we want our students to be able to have that creative understanding as well as the technical capabilities to deliver their vision.

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