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Photography in fashion

Fashion photography is a very competitive field however it is a highly rewarding and fast paced career. Fashion photographers often go to glamorous events and take pictures for a wide range of brands.


Fashion photoshoots involve female and male models showcasing the latest design from a brand or fashion designer. These shoots are very important because the images used will convey the brand. A photographer who is doing high-end photoshoots for brands must have a solid style, be excellent with digital editing, and understand how to get the best look out of a model.(read more below)



Accessories such as bags and necklaces are a big part of the fashion industry, and being able to sell these items requires very high quality photography. As the web plays a more important role in the online shopping experience, entire galleries of products need to be created. In fact, there is a lot of work for photographers who want to shoot in studios and take stills of products for a magazine or a website.


Fashion photography also involves events. For example, at the Paris Fashion Week magazines will send out photographers to get shots of celebrities, models and the catwalk for their coverage. Events can also range from a designer showcase to charity balls where fashion items are sold in an auction.

Photography in the wider fashion industry

The fashion industry relies heavily on photography. Without it, brands could not exist in the minds of the consumer. Having a style, a good work ethos, and a passion for fashion will make you a successful photographer with high rewards. Why not check out our photography courses to get yourself up to date?