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Digital tools : Photography on your desktop

So you've got an understanding about photography but what about all the work that's done on a computer? This is where editing comes into play, and where you can truly deliver works of art. 

Digital tools : Photoshop to Lightroom

We have a variety of digital tools for students to learn the techniques of photo editing from our Adobe suites to Illustrator and Bridge. Photo editing is a requirement for students and they must be able to grasp the techniques needed to complete their stills. 

Photo correction is widely used in a variety of industries. An image can tell a thousand words, but it also needs improvement. Being able to modify RGB levels to changing contrast are just some of the basic techniques we teach.  

Where you can find edited images

  • Fashion magazines: Model photoshoots, clothing, accesories
  • Newspapers
  • Fliers
  • Cinema
  • Music concerts
  • Supermarket
  • The Web: All industries including retail and industrial

Types of images:  

  • Film posters
  • Political fliers
  • Real Estate promotions
  • Supermarket leaflets
  • Online product e-shops
  • Tourism brochures
  • Model portfolio
  • Logos

There are many more instances where photoshop and other editing tools have been used to create the final result, but a majority of professional photos have been corrected by software. Why not check out our photography courses to get a taste of what we offer, and to get an insight into our programs here at Studio M Academy.