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Being a Storyboard Artist

If you experience the world as a continuity of images, if a script morphs into a sequence of illustrations before your eyes, then maybe you should be behind the visualization of a story.

It is the job of a Storyboard Artist to interpret scripts and sketch ideas. They illustrate the narrative, plan shots and draw panels to demonstrate actions. In addition, they must indicate the dialogue, character performance and camera moves.  This artisan will work as part of a group with the Director, Scriptwriter, Producer and Storyboard supervisor, consequently, he or she must be receptive to comments and be able to update their work responding to changes and improvements.

Amongst the skills necessary for a script writer, a story board artist must have a good understanding of layout, composition, sequential drawing and editing. On the one hand, he or she must be able to analyze visually the images in a film while on the other hand; he or she must have good communication and presentation skills.

It is often the case that storyboard artists have graduated from  film courses and during their career they often choose to either work on film productions or pursue a career in 3D Animation.