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Being a Film Production Assistant

An ideal entry- level job: gain experience, accumulate knowledge and create a reputation that will carry you through your career.

The role of a production assistant varies according to the studio, the filmmaking techniques used and the size of production. In general, the job includes taking care of the crew, ensuring the availability of equipment, ensuring the delivery schedule is met and keeping progress reports.

The production assistant acts as a link between the coordinator (on large scale productions) or the manager (on small scale productions) and the crew. For this reason, the job entails excellent communication and organization skills.

An ideal profile responds to someone who can prioritize, multi-task, use their own initiative and adapt himself rapidly to new situations. Often IT skills are necessary especially when using spreadsheets and databases. The ability to take notes accurately and an attention to detail is often prioritized. Many production assistants apply for this job having graduated recently from Animation, Computer, Film or Media courses

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