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Being a film producer

Financial control, reputation and authority: A movie cannot be made without two key figures: the producer and the director. These two roles must work effectively together to ensure a film´s success. The producer must provide the conditions for the realization of the film whilst the director is focused on the creative aspect. A film producer sees the project through from the beginning to the end passing through 4 stages:


By using his or her persuasive skills, the producer must stimulate the interest of others to participate in the film. This involves securing the financial investments, selecting the members that will participate in the production as well as supervising the initial creative process. 


the producer often plans meetings to bring together the leading members of the team; he or she must then approve locations, studio hire, the final shooting script, production schedule and budget. It may appear a time-consuming process but it always pays of during the production stage• Production: The producer stays away from the creative aspect of the film production however, the day-to-day must be ensured to run smoothly and efficiently. This atmosphere is capital for a successful production.

Post-production and marketing:

The marketing and distribution of the film is the final phase. While the rest of the team has moved on to another project, the producer and director must work with the editing team to finalize the movie.

An ideal film producer profile

 It is the film´s Financiers and Distributors who appoint the Executive Producers and it is this team who assign the producer. Therefore, the producer has a responsibility towards the Executive Producers. For this reason, it is important to build up a valuable reputation of being reliable, trustworthy and enthusiastic from the very beginning.A producer must have a wide range of skills. He or she must not only secure the financing, but must also motivate, negotiate and have an extensive knowledge of cinematic narrative in addition to excellent communication skills.

These abilities are cultivated at the Studio M filmmaking school with it´s Production Management Diploma, a 2-year course at the Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier and Ho Chi Minh campuses.