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Have you got what it takes to be a film director?

Film Directing demands technical ability and creative skills in an increasingly competitive and complicated job market. Whilst sat in your living room, watching the latest 3D movies with mind blowing effects or witnessing a drama, which keeps you in suspense until the last minute, it is easy to dream of creating a similar production. Unfortunately however, film directing comes with a lot of responsibility and demands a never-ending artistic vision. 

A film director is primarily able to envisage the final result after only having read the script. The words on paper must effectively transform into images, sounds and a solid structure. This involves thinking about the cast, the script editing, shot composition, shot selection, location, lighting, special effects, and editing. In reality, directors are ultimately responsible for a film's artistic and commercial success or failure.

This responsibility is reflected with many hours of hard labor and difficult decision-making. Furthermore, the team often works in stressful, tense situations, which tests patience and pushes nerves to their limit. On the other hand, it is also important for the director to bare in mind the budget of the film in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of the film's financiers.

Film directing at Studio M

As well as being deeply passionate about film production and having excellent communication and interpersonal skills, studying the art and craft of directing is important. Studio M offers a two-year film course, which will help you get started. The skills acquired are balanced with an important 16 week company internship. This is particularly interesting as many businesses often value first hand experience over qualifications. 

To conclude, a film director must lead, create, organize, make decisions, delegate responsibilities, bare in mind financial restrictions, have technical abilities… whoever said this job was easy?