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An introduction

Based in California, DreamWorks Animation Studio is the brains behind heart-warming films like The Prince of Egypt, Shrek and Chicken Run.

Back in 1994, 3 Americans with incredible talents came together to produce what was to become one of the top 3D animation studios in the world. Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen became the “SKG” which is today part of the DreamWorks logo. 

DreamWorks Animation Movies

Starting with their first animated film ‘Ants’ (1998), DreamWorks also became a record label (Closed in 2005), a television series and video games producer. The studio has greatly enriched 3D animation with DreamWorks Animation. The animation division emerged from the fusion between DreamWorks SKG and Pacific Dates and Images (PDI). Both reached close to bankruptcy twice, and the multi-billon dollar business accepted a bailout from Viacom (parent of Paramount Pictures) between the years of 2005-2008.

DreamWorks Animation is known for it´s biblical stories, satire and whit. It´s creative team have molded superheroes, villains and damsels in distress that take the form of lovable zoo animals, talking donkeys and machine- inventing chickens. 

Despite the implementation of the latest 3D animation technology, film animation still remains a challenging and time consuming process: 24 frames must be designed to create only one second of movement which translates into 16/18 months of work in order to create one character in a film. 

However, the artistic and creative freedoms are what set the job apart. The possibilities stretch as far as the imagination, taking the viewer to far off worlds. Often these alternative realms question morals and human actions, a theme which runs through many films. Spielberg himself often relates to his Jewish heritage and how his religion has affected him during his early life and consequently his film productions: 


 “I never felt comfortable with myself, because I was never part of the majority. I always felt awkward and shy and on the outside of the momentum of my friends' lives.”

DreamWorks has a bright future, and at Studio M Academy, we believe the 3D animation films produced by the Hollywood studio have had a major impact in the culture of the industry, and subsequently on the technologies and methods we teach our 3D courses