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Being a Director of Photography

This highly creative role is demanding yet rewarding and involves giving a film it´s creative signature. 

Directors of Photography (DoPs) work closely with the Director aiming to provide the film with an intended mood or atmosphere. The lighting, camera movement and framing are in creating this effect. The DoP's immediate circle includes the Gaffer (in charge of lighting), the Production Designer, Costume Designer and the Hair and Make Up department. 

The DoP's job involves conducting research and preparing all equipment before the filming takes place. The set-up at the beginning of the day and the preparation for the following day is vital to ensure an affective day´s work.  Another responsibility is attending the view of the rushes with the Director.

If your ambition is to be a Director of Photography, it is important to create a personal portfolio to gain as much experience as possible. The essential skills required are: a technical knowledge of photo-chemical and digital processes as well as of camera equipment, knowledge of photography, painting and of the moving image, good team and communication skills and most importantly, a never-ending artistic vision.

Studio M offers the following course for photography enthusiasts:

Each course mixes both theoretical and practical classes in order to best prepare the student for their future career. The students will also create their own projects enhancing their creative spirit and developing their own ideas.