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Being a Digital Painter

This job often acts as a springboard for future 2D/3D animators. It gives an artisan the opportunity to show his interest in the animation sector and begin to create a reputation, which will carry him through his professional career.

A Digital Painter´s job is to scan the drawings he or she receives from the Animation department and add colour to the line images. The goal is to clear up the line work with the aim of seeking perfection in a design. A digital Painter makes up part of a team. He or she will work with Colour stylists, scanners, painters and compositors however he or she may often find that these jobs are mixed when the production is small-scale.

Normally a Design Painter has to respond to a specific job following the rules laid out by the animator. It is necessary for a Digital Painter to have various technical skills and be able to dominate software such as Animo, Toon Boom, Opus, Toonz or Photoshop. IT skills are capital and the ability to adapt to new software too.

3D Animation at Studio M

Studio M offers four 3D animation courses:

Each course mixes both theoretical and practical classes in order to best prepare the student for their future career. The students will also create their own projects enhancing their creative spirit and developing their own ideas.