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Cartoon: animé to animation

Cartoon, a non-profit organization, facilitates contacts between producers, investors and professionals and offers high-level 3D animation courses. Based in Brussels, Cartoon receives financing from the MEDIA Programme of the European Union to develop it´s following 4 projects

1. Cartoon Masters

4 times a year, the only vocational seminars available for the animation community on a post-university level are held across Europe. The masters balance a theoretical and practical approach focusing on either cartoon digital, cartoon finance or cartoon feature. A fourth course, Training for teachers, is proposed to guide animation schools and universities. 

2. Cartoon Forum

Runs from the 11th to the 14th September in Toulouse, France. A perfect pitching point where producers can meet financers and broadcasters. The cartoon d´Or and the Cartoon Tributes are awarded to the best 3D animation clips. Among some of the great names to have received this prize are: Nick Park (creature comforts), Sylvain Chomet (Belleville Rendez-Vous) and Jacques-Rémy Girerd who later released 2 feature films.
3. Cartoon movie

Starting the 7th March, this “co-production forum for European animated feature films” takes place for two intense days. 700 participants from 35 countries, including 210 buyers and 90 distributors, reunite in a dynamic atmosphere to launch and publicize their best products.

4. Cartoon Connection

With the aim of sharing experiences and knowledge, this new event reinforces cooperation between European and non European 3D animation professionals in North Korea between 19th and 22nd  March 2012. 

Cartoon, formed in 1988, strives to offer a dynamic, bustling platform upon which 3D animation professionals can share their interests and ideas. It is a great multi-cultural meeting point which doesn´t leave aside the business interests. For all 3D animation creators, make the most of this opportunity to lance your products, receive guidance and meet people with the same passion as you!