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Cannes film festival: 16th - 27th May 2012

The 65th edition of this international film festival will be presided by the Italian director, film producer, screenwriter and actor, Nanni Moretti. Since the first film festival presented in September 1946, an annual recognition of the best film productions has been held in the coastal city of Cannes, France. Over the years, the festival has greatly expanded to become one of the most dynamic award giving ceremonies with huge media coverage. 

In it´s origins, Jean Zay, the French education and fine arts Minister, was keen to establish an international cultural event in France to rival the Venice Film Festival. Since then, Cannes has strived to support: “a passion for cinema, the discovery of new talent, and the bringing together of professionals and journalists from around the world with the aim of contributing to the creation and distribution of films”.

Last year, Robert De Niro presided the invitation-only festival in which “The Tree of Life” was attributed the Palm d´Or and Jean Dujardin was awarded best actor for the French film “The Artist”.
Here are some examples of the different categories existing at the Cannes film festival:

  • In competition: the most prestigious prize is offered to one of the 20 films presented. Prizes are also awarded to the best actress, actor, and director amongst others.
  • Un certain regard: prizes films from around the world
  • Out of competition: films which do not compete for the main prize
  • Cinéfondation: film schools around the world present their short and medium length motion pictures.
  • Short films: the short film d´Or is awarded

Film festival highlights

  • The Cinéma de la Plage: an open air screening of a different film each night on the beach.
  • Marché du Film: founded in 1959, the busiest movie market in the world with 10,000 buyers and sellers.
  • Film and music Master classes: offered by world-renowned filmmakers or musicians.- No one is forgotten… every other year the Palm Dog is awarded for the best canine performance!

The Cannes film festival swaps the red carpet for the red stairs in welcoming hundreds of artists and journalists to support film production and young film course students. It is an enriching; inspiring experience for all passionate film course students and Studio M will be amongst those particularly attentive to what is to come in the following months.