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Being an Animation Director

In Animation production studios, the animation director that leads the team.

This role is often the result of a past animation experience. It is this experience that will allow the director to look at the production with a critical eye knowing how to improve the project and guide the animators. The responsibility for the quality of the production is that of the director therefore he or she needs to have an accumulation of skills that will allow him or her to succeed. 

What it takes to succeed in Animation

Amongst the skills required are: effective communication skills, a realistic mindset that will control creative desires when faced with a budget, leadership skills, a high level of technical skills and the ability to work in a team. 

The animation director may also be involved with the recruitment of personnel to ensure the quality of the production. Communication must be a strong point of the animation director seeing as he or she will act as a link between the Director and the animation team and will also have to link those involved in different stages of the production to ensure continuity.

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