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Aardman Studios: the creators of Morph & Wallace and Grommit

This Bristol-based studio is home to some of our much loved plasticine animation characters. It has developed over the years to finally enter the computer animation market with the 2006 film “Flushed Away”.

Peter Lord and David Sproxton followed their dream of creating an animated motion picture. Starting with sequences for the BBC series for deaf children “Vision On”, they later created the character Morph, a bendy, brown figure that squeaked rather thank talked. Later, Aardman produced a number of shorts for Channel 4 including the Conversation Pieces series. 

Due to its success, Lord and Sprokton welcomed new animators to their studio. One of the most successful artists was Nick Park who created Creature Comforts winning the first Oscar for the company. Park was also the creator of Wallace and Grommit: the rather wacky inventor and his dog. Two films based on these characters won Academy Awards: The Wrong Trousers (1993) and A Close Shave (1995).

Partnership with DreamWorks studios

1997 presented Aardman with the opportunity to work with DreamWorks. During 10 years, this team produced films such as Chicken Run, The Tortoise and the Hare and saw the come-back of Wallace and Grommit in 2005. Other partnerships have included a deal with Sony Entertainment in 2007 and with Nintendo in 2009.

The inspiration for the name “Aardman”, translating more of less as “goblin”, was taken from one of the earliest characters, a superhero from the animation “Vision On” in 1972. If you dream of animating your own films just like Peter Lord and David Spoxton did. Check out our  animation school that offers a variety of 3D Animation courses.