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3D Bachelor of Arts degree

Studio M Academy offers a fully accredited 3D Bachelor of Arts degree to students seeking to pursue a career in animation. Our 3D Animation school, based in Montpellier, France offersa 3-year comprehensive program for international students wishing to study abroad and develop their passion for animations

A background on the growth of animation films

Animation films are becoming a fundamental part of our online experience as companies across all industries are using short form content to advertise products and services. Animations have many uses, and are a very important communication tool for companies, particularly with the growth of video sharing. Animation films come in all shapes and sizes from 30 second clips to feature length films such as Pixar's 1995 hit 'Toy Story'. The animation industry as a whole is growing and there is an increased demand for graduates with the technical skills to create 2D and 3D graphics for a wide range of uses in both entertainment and advertising. 

Studio M Academy Equipment and facilities

Studio M Academy has the latest digital editing equipment ensuring that our animation students are working with the latest software to produce their projects from conception to realization.

Some of our the software available at our school include : Photoshop CS5, Maya, Zbrush, Rhinoceros and many other animation tools.

3D Animation school students

3D animation storyboard

Course breakdown: What students will learn

Our 3D Animation course is constantly reviewed to reflect the changes in the animation industry. Our staff members consist of working professionals who update our courses to ensure that students are given the latest tools and techniques used in the industry today. This flexible approach gives students an edge when seeking employment because they have been introduced to the latest technologies and methods adapted by those in the industry. 

The Bachelor of Arts in 3D Animation gives students the tools to become proficient animators, whilst giving them hands on experience by incorporating a professional internship during their studies.

From 2D, to 3D animation, and stop motion animation, our 3D Bachelor of Arts course will cover in detail both theory and practical work so that students are fully prepared for the workplace upon graduation. This course is also highlighted in our brochure which you can download right here.

3D Animation school - student work

Student work

Course Modules :

Practical Studies : Technical application

• Academic drawings

• Illustration & storyboards – cartoons

• Cinematography

• Scriptwriting techniques

• Artistic expression

• Basic design / Perspective

• 2D/3D graphic design in animation, modeling, texturing

• Stop Motion

• Digital compositing and mattes

• Editing

Theory studies

- European culture and citizenship

- Modern European languages

• Professional practice: Communication, business ethics and ethos

• Personal and professional development work tools

• General knowledge of contemporary European expression

• Professional work skills - Creation of a business

Additional information


Once students successfully complete their Bachelor of Arts in 3D degree, they will receive a certificate accredited by the European Federation of Schools.

Brochure and Fees

Studio M Academy Brochure

If you would like to find out more information on our courses you can download our brochure. In addition, you can discover our course fees.

Contact us to find out more

If you would like to discover more about our degree course and how we can guide you toward a successful career why not give us a call to find out more. Our International department director is available to take your questions about this course.

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