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Animation: bringing images to life

Animators create characters, plan movements, impose gestures, personalize and make predetermined designs realistic. Effectively their job is to give a breath of life to a static image...

Following a briefing from the director and basing himself/ herself on reestablished layouts and designs, the animator will add movement to a character on screen. He or she may work as part of a team or independently depending on the size of the production. A high technical level is of most importance as well as good communication and group skills. Evidently, creative and artistic qualities are of upmost importance too. 

In this sector, it is a solid background of experience that will enable the candidate to secure a role as a lead animator. A built-up personal reputation is considered as well as positive recommendations from previous employers that will ameliorate his or her profile and enhance his or her candidature.

As far as qualifications are concerned, computer animators are normally animation degree candidates or similar computer science degrees. It is not strange to come across a studio that re-trains newcomers in order to adapt them to new software.  Curriculum Vitaes will be enriched by life-drawing classes, acting classes and extra ICT classes amongst others. I

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