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3D Animation

3D Computer Animation jobs are varied and differ from studio to studio. When contemplating a career in 3D Computer graphics, it is often good to think about weather it is the creative or the technical aspect which attracts you most. Each graphic artist is needed at a different stage of the production line:

1. Development

During the first part of the process, the ideas and initial designs are conceived and it is important to pitch the product and secure funding and intellectual property rights. This stage sees the product on a business level therefore it is important to understand the target market and estimate any commercial constraints, opportunities and competition.

Possible jobs:

• Director • Producer

2. Pre-production

The second stage involves preparing the idea for production. This involves writing the script as well as drawing the storyboard, characters and backgrounds.

Possible jobs:

• Production Designer • Art Director • Concept Artist • Character Designer • Environment Designer • Effects Designer • Layout TD • Layout Supervisor • Layout Artists • Storyboard Supervisor • Storyboard Artist • Storyboard Assistant • Pre-Vis Artists

3. Production

In CGI the production stage involves building, texturing models, animating characters, and setting up lighting scenes. Rendering is also undertaken to output the animation sequences ready for compositing and editing. This can be done either manually or by use of software-scripting languages. Depending on the project, an animator may be in charge of one character throughout the whole process or he/she may animate many characters in one shot.

Possible jobs:

• Assistant Director • Visual Effects (VFX) Supervisor • Director of Photography • CG Supervisor • Modeller • Shader Writer • Effects (FX)Supervisor • Effects (FX) Artist/FX Animator • 3D Tracker/Match Mover *• Digital Painter • Lighting Supervisor • Rendering Supervisor • Renderer • Lighting TD / CG Lighter • Rigger • Character TD • Rendering TD • Shot TD (Facility Houses) • Animation Director • Set Dressers • Production Assistant • Junior Animator • Production Secretary • Character Animator

4. Post Production

Post Production involves adding special effects, editing, scoring the music, quality checking and outputting the final product into the required formats. Some animation companies focus exclusively on post production and deliver special effects for film, TV and commercials.

Possible jobs:

• Compositing Supervisor• Compositor• Roto Artist *• Scanning TD• Scanner/Recorder *• Editor • Editing Assistant

Studio M offers the following courses for future 3D Animation enthusiasts: