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20th Century Fox

What do The Simpsons, Avatar and Dr. Dolittle have in common?

Apart from forming part of our favourite television pastimes, it is Rupert Murdoch´s 20th Century Fox Company that forms the link: a studio that produces and distributes films and television series across entire continents. 

An Introduction to 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox is a subsidiary of the Media conglomerate called “News Corporation”. It was founded in 1935 as a result of the merger between Fox Film Corporation and Twentieth Century Pictures. The company has seen its share of highs and lows such as fluctuating audience levels, financial problems, the discovery of CinsemaScope and actors being sent off for war service during WW2. 

After selling off it´s theatrical productions in 1953 and with audience levels halved in comparison to 1946, the then president Spyros Skouras struck a deal with the French inventor Henri Chrétien. The invention in question permitted the spectators to enjoy a slight illusion of depth without the aid of glasses. This anamorphic projection ensured that 20th Century Fox was ahead of it´s game leaving competitors empty handed.  This new technology formed the base for CinemaScope which was introduced to the big screen later on in the year and used in the film The Robe which became a huge success. 

Currently situated in Los Angeles, the company is rated amongst the six best American films studios. The Hollywood resembling logo with the fanfare later used in all Star Wars movies are clear associations to this company.

 2012 looks promising with the arrival of films such as Titanic in 3D (April), Ice Age: Continental Drift (July), Robopocalypse (July) and Walking with Dinosaurs 3D (December).

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