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Preparing your career

Whether you want to pursue a career in filmmaking or 3D Animation, Studio M Academy provides a variety of courses to help you prepare to work in the creative industries. Our 3D animation courses and film diploma course are structured to provide students with the latest technologies and pratices so that they have the tools and the skills to work in freelance or in a company. 

Career path

Below you will find a variety of careers that you can pursue after completing your studies at Studio M Academy. All these professions require students to focus on their talent and their passions to succeed. Each profession requires students to have a unique set of skills which are taught in workshops and practical exercises during course terms.


3D Careers

The 3D animation industry encompasses a team of technical professionals working together to create worlds and characters. Below you can find careers within the 3D Animation field

Film careers

The film industry comprises of many skills and professions working together to produce films. From the pre-production phase to editing and promotion, all these professions make up the foundations of how entertainment is made. 

Photography Careers

Photos are one of the most widely used format in media and continue to be at the heart of many industries including cinema, publishing and the web as a whole. 

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