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Art Studies in France


Choosing Art Studies

There are many avenues to becoming an artist. Art forms come in many different styles : Paintings, collages, character drawings, 3D animation and more. In order to be able to discover one's own style, taking the first step into the art world and exploring techniques is the best way to become familiar with what you like. Many of the world's greatest artists found their style through different techniques and mediums over time. 

If you are looking to study art in the future, we offer an Art Foundation course that helps you discover the different aspects of art and its techniques. With a host of workshops organized throughtout the year, Studio M Academy offers new students many avenues to use a wide range of tools from pastels to paint to create murals, posters, drawings and more. 

Find out more about our art studies program : The Art Foundation course and we hope to hear your feedback and discover your desires!