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Studio M Schools in France 

Welcome to Studio M !

We have 5 schools, 3 of which are located in France and 1 internationally, offering students a variety of short courses, diplomas and degrees in the arts. 

Since our launch in 1990, Studio M has grown into one of France’s top private educational establishments teaching the arts to students aged 16 and above. Each campus offers students a friendly and fun working environment with the latest equipment, studios and our very own social network to help them find jobs and network with companies after they complete their studies. 

We aim to provide our students with the best possible learning conditions: our classrooms are equipped with high-quality IT and technical equipment and the most advanced technologies.

STUDIO M offers its students small-group lessons in a studious but nevertheless friendly, family learning environment that takes account of everyone’s personality and aspirations.

The teaching staff meet regularly to ensure that the programmes and each department are progressing smoothly.

Each student is therefore given individual support adapted to his or her needs.

Extra lessons may also be given if the class or certain students encounter any special difficulties.


Our company network

Our staff’s key concern is the future of the students; our schools have therefore established special relationships within the company world. Courses are designed according to the realities of the job, thereby making our graduates a more credible proposition when it comes to starting their working lives.

STUDIO M has built up a broad network of contacts. These are made available to the students and allow them to make contact with specialists in the artistic world or with their potential employers. We also use the contact base to add to the skills acquired in lessons by getting the students to take part in original projects.

In addition, our website,, has a page totally dedicated to students’ entry into the working world. Here, students will find a wide range of placement and job offers placed directly by the companies.

Several hundred offers are put online every year and regularly updated.


Our partner companies for jobs

4D Univers; ACARA Design; Agence Conversationnel; Airbus; Apps Panel; Antithese; Arts Métalliques Familink (tatouages); Avant-garde Imaging; Aude Briat Architecture Intérieure; C-comSport; Caue; Compagnie Des Signes; COM’GARONNE; Creativ’Sofa; Edexia; Ediser; Europe & Macadam; Europe Info Services; Fermob; Framboise et Grenadine; Freshscore; ID FACTORY; Illusion & Macadam; Indigoextra; Interactiv Technologies; Geolid; Groupe Betom; Hérault Energies; Idapt; Inomedis; La Phocéenne de Cosmétique; le Jam; Les Humanoïdes Associés; Mairie de Montpellier; Mairie de Toulouse - Service PAO; MD Import; Minsk Studio; NDT Expert; ODDOS BURO; Out of Box; PforPACK; Planet Studio; Prolexia; Quicksilver; Rendez-vous Déco; Stratdesign; Stylx Design; Tamento; TBSCG; Teva France; Ubleam; Verycook; Visual Factory / ADZIF; Voluprint; Zerod.

Studio M Academy International

If you are looking to study abroad in media and arts and would like to discover the courses we offer, why not give us a call today and talk to a member of our staff.

You can find out more information about each of our campuses below along with the different courses you can take. If you are abroad and are unable to visit the school premises prior to the start of your studies you can  download our brochure to find out more. 






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