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Financing your studies 

Bank institutions offer specific student loans providing several advantages in comparison to conventional lending.

• Lower interest rates, so loans are cheaper to repay.

• Set-up costs are generally waived.

• Repayments can be deferred, in that repayment of the loan may begin many months, or even years after the money

Studio M Group has made a partnership with Société Générale which offers students studying at Studio M certain advantages (Free credit card and others). 

Fee Payment Schedules

When you enroll in the school, you will be asked to pay a 500 euro deposit. There are then three payment options: 1st option: The complete amount of the annual school fees are paid before the 15th of September, with a 2% discount off the

overall fees. 2nd option: The fees are paid in three annual installments – October 1st, December 1st, and February 1st. 3rd option: The fees are paid according to a schedule to be agreed with the Campus Director minus admin fees (Aproximately 3% of total inscription). Students that are foreign (to the country where the school is located) must pay the complete annual school fees before the 15th of September. In the case where they are unable to gain a visa, their file may be transferred to the Casablanca school. Where bank loans have been made available, the necessary cheques must be in the school’s possession on the first day of courses – otherwise entry to the classes will not be permitted.

• A sheet explaining payment methods (Part B) will be sent to you as soon as you have enrolled or submitted your candidacy to the school.

• If the School Principal finds that you lack the academic level required, your enrollment and your deposit will be returned to you.

• At the start of the school year, students agree to pay for the full year, however this is waived in exceptional cases, and for natural or unforeseeable disasters that occur before the 30th of October of that school year. The Regulations and Rules relating to the schools are available on the Internet or upon written demand.

Further expenses should be considered :

• Equipment and accessories (the list is given in September) • Social Security costs and the relevant insurance for workplace accidents (compulsory during work experience). You have seven days to cancel your subscription after receiving your confirmation of enrollment in the school. Beyond that delay your enrollment is considered definitive and your deposit non- refundable. If you fail your secondary school exams you must inform us by registered letter within eight days and provide proof of your grades. In such cases the deposit will be refunded outside of administration fees of 150 euros. Beyond that delay, and exceptionally, the deposit may be credited towards school fees for the following year but under no circumstances refunded.