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Workshop around board game for students of Studio M Toulouse

For those who practice it, playing board game is really funny. For those who design it, the fun is accompanied by a deep reflection. That’s what our Art foundation courses students found out during their last workshop.


A workshop around the game for Art foundation students of Studio M Toulouse

In small groups of 5 or 6 people, art students were told the specifications on which they had to work. If creativity was in the spotlight, they were however given precise instructions like the age of the target, the number of players or the category.


These constraints were randomly selected to make sure each team would think about a new project and leave a part of suspense during the workshop.


Behind the game, a professional goal

The new workshop of our Art foundation students took place over a week, allowing students to understand the different objectives. Through this workshop, they became familiar with teamwork, without neglecting the distribution of tasks or group cohesion. Meanwhile, the work organization was shown as one of the main leitmotivs of the year.


The 2014/2015 promotion also worked on the game last year. Find out more about their creations!