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Top 4 of the TV shows you don’t want to miss!

Discover our top 4 of the best TV shows.

The summer holiday is finally here. You can relax and enjoy this well-deserved rest. Want to avoid sunburn and heatstroke? There’s nothing better than staying in the shade and watching some TV.

Lyon school of audiovisual has put together a list of the best 2015 TV shows.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Created by the forever funny Tina Fey and broadcast on Netflix, the TV show received a good reception from the American public. The main character, Kimmy Schmidt, rediscovers life after being held captive for fifteen years by a guru. Despite the seriousness of the  topic (inspired by real life stories), the series manages to remain both light and hilarious.

Format: 20 minutes - Season 1 complete

Watch if you want : A lighthearted comedy


Pretty Little Liars

Who is A? That's what everybody is wondering. Frightening text, blackmailing, suspicious disappearances, lies, that's what four high school girls from Rosewood have to dealing with. Join the investigation and try to find out who is this mysterious A, terrorizing the girls.

Format: 40 min – Seasons 6 in progress

Watch if you want: A suspenseful show and outfits worthy of greatest catwalks.


Game of Thrones

You have never seen the TV series inspired by the books of George RR Martin? Shame! The series sets in a medieval fantasy world, features different families and their struggles for power. Betrayals, murders, manipulations, protagonists will do anyything to reach the iron throne. Beware though, some scenes are extremely violent and no characters is off limit.

Format: 60 minutes - Season 5 ended, season 6 coming in 2016.

Watch if you want : A captivating series in a rich and fascinating world (and if you do not faint at the sight of blood).


Better call Saul

Better call Saul is a creative spin off of the TV show Breaking Bad. The viewer is invited to discover Saul Goodman (Walter White lawyer) before he becomes corrupted. Black humor and a retro atmosphere will most certainly seduce fans of the series Breaking Bad.

Format: 45 minutes - Season 2 in  production

Watch if you want : To discover the past heroes of the series Breaking Bad.