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The video game market in France

A growing industry 

Representing a market of almost € 14 billion worldwide, the gaming business industry is booming. New Games for mobiles phones and tablets have greatly boosted the sector. Clash of Clan and Candy Crush, the industry leaders, are great example of this success. The two combined have totaled more than hundreds millions of euros in profits.

In France, the company Royal Cactus, creator of "Jelly Glouton" counts roughly 15 million players, and nearly 1 million euros in profits. Video games have now overtaken films and therefore become the first cultural industry in France. 


A perfect training

Gaming is now a major employment sector. Indeed market expansion leads to the creation of jobs and the need to find qualified and skilled professionals in this field. Game designer, Character Designer and 3D animator are the perfect target for recruiters.

Studio M, the art school in Montpellier, provides a professional training in sync with the requirement of the job market and the expectations of the gaming world. Specialists trained at Studio M Academy, mastered the methods and techniques needed to create and develop video games. Our creative and imaginative young professionals must create worlds and characters and deal with the technical aspects of 3D animation. Versatile and efficient, students from Studio M Academy, have everything in hand to conquer the business world. 

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