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US presidential elections 2012

Visual communication in the 2012 Presidential Elections 

It's election season and both President Obama and Mitt Romney are in campaign mode. This year, online plays an even bigger role in the art of politics, and 'image messaging' is one part of that overall strategy. 

Looking at both campaigns in perspective, both the Republicans and the Democrats have focused on core issues like health, jobs and special groups such as veterans, the elderly, latino voters and more. 

Visual communication in this campaign has come across in many forms from political ads through to artistic covers and typography. Each method of communication creates a feeling that attaches our emotion to each candidate. Some of the imagery used in both campaigns targets a key demographic, and is used an alternative way to communicate several things. 

Visual communication : Some of the messages candidates want to put across

  • 1. Their expertise in different areas targeting voters
  • 2. Their focus on election issues and why they care
  • 3. That it is easy to vote and a fun process
  • 4. Who supports them and why it is important
  • 5. They have a positive movement of support

 Check out some of these cover images below to give you a feel for their campaign, and their approach to marketing through the web

Visual communication in the 2012 American election