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Studio M open a job platform

Our commitment to professional integration 

The employability of students is the core of Studio M education policy. Theoretical and practical courses help you gain valuable professional skills. Workshops and internships allow you to understand every aspect of creation.

Combining periods of practical training and theoretical classes, the courses have been designed to facilitate and guide you towards a career path.



Your new ally in the professional integration

Studio M is an ally in your research for training and professional integration as well as an employment platform. Studio M creates valuable links with the business world that benefit students in their research for internship or employment.

Want to boost your CV and to gain the necessary experience to start your career? The job platform is for you. You will find a multitude of businesses and companies willing to welcome you for an internship, part time, full time or a fixed term contract.

How does it work ?

Tools are available to facilitate your search, you can browse jobs depending on the kind of job or type of contract you are looking for. You also have the option to search by keywords. Once you spotted the offer of your dreams, you simply have to log on into your Facebook account to get the contact information of your future employer. 

With Studio M you will be on the path to success.

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