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Studio M, a fully qualified course profider AVID

Studio M qualified course profider AVID


AVID is a high technology producer behind prestigious films such as Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man or Game of Thrones.


Studio M's desire to be as up to date as possible with modern technologies in order to respond to the needs of the job market has become anofficial AVID teaching collaborator. Based on the educational material and theteaching competences of the school's certified professionals, Studio M proposes an educational program called ALP (Avid Learning Partner).

Studio M offers its expertise and the excellent international reputation of AVID to its students and professionals. Everyone will have the opportunity to perfect their knowledge of the audiovisual software at Studio M.

Taught by experts, this course is key to post-production, studio recordings or other production processes. Teachers at Studio M has passed the AVID certificate and are now part of the ACI (Avid CertifiedInstructor) team.

  • Vincent Avellan, from the sound department has passed levels 101 and 110 (awaiting certification) of the Protools software used to compose, record and edit high quality music
  • Sandrine Garcia from the audiovisual department has passed levels 101 and 110 and has obtained the certificate of the Media Composer software with which you can edit and create professional videos with special effects.


Studio M is one of only three certified professional centers in France for montage with Media Composer