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Studio M Montpellier

Les internationales de la guitare 

Until October 18th, students from Studio M Montpellier will be able to enjoy concerts at the 19th “ Internationales de la guitare”.

Bringing together more than 150 musical and cultural events, this major celebration will seduce experts as well as beginners. This  gathering open to all, combining a dense and eclectic programming. An opportunity for future sound professionals to combine business with pleasure. 

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A rich program

With over 200 artists, the programming of these 19th Internationales de la guitare, looks exceptional. The program offers a trip around the musical world of guitar: jazz, electro, classical, rock or flamenco; a bold mix of styles that blends seamlessly and will get everyone in tune.

 Rock enthusiasts can discover the "Reservoir Rock" of the legendary “Rockstore”, becoming a music hall in 1986 and protected as a historical monument since 2007. Condensing 8 rock concerts over three days, one can discover the newest rock bands live on stage. Whether you are a fan of instrumental rock, or should you only swear by Rockabilly, there will be something for you. 

You can also take advantage of those "Insane 24 hours" by following the music flow taking you  to some unusual places. This surprising journey will take you from art  galleries to private mansions  and private gardens. This is the perfect opportunity to discover or rediscover Montpellier and its beautiful sites. 

Exceptional artists

The festival brings together artists such as Thomas Fersen, Thomas Dutronc, Rocio Marquez, or Lurie Bell. Les Internationales de la guitare also proved to be a plateform for the lesser-known artists. This is the case of talented Bosco Delrey and Orval Carlos Sibelius. Thanks to the thousands of spectators expected, they will be able to showcase their talents. 

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