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At Our Doors - Portrait Of Our Valleys

Adrien Bass studied photography at Studio M from 2011 to 2013. Today, Adrian made his second photography project which will be exhibited several times, as well as the publishing of a book.

Award-winning photographer, Adrien Bass chose as the theme for his next exhibition, the most emblematic doors of his region. The exhibition "At Our Doors - Portrait Of Our Valleys" offers visitors a trip into the rural landscapes. Between photo essay and art, this exhibition pays tribute to the traditional doors of Bearn. Adrien Bass offers a unique vision of his region, a friendly and intimate winter landscape. Enhancing the beauty of the scenes, the professional photographer, was able to recreate perfectly the emotions and moods of this beautiful scenery.


Become a sponsor

The former student of Montpellier School of Art asks for your help with contribution. In fact, the photographer shared the project on the crowdfounding website " Kiss Kiss Bank Bank ." The goal ? - finding a sponsor and help bring this project to life. In return, sponsors will get rewards such as invitations to the opening party or copies of the book. This ambitious and creative project has already attracted more than fifty people.

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Become a sponsor and contribute to Adrien Bass project : " At Our Doors - Portrait Of Our Valleys"