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Every year, students from the Montpellier school of audiovisual work on a project that they can incorporate into their book once they receive their diploma. It is time for the 2015/2016 promotion of special effect specialists to get behind the camera, to make the adventure a movie.


Phenix : the synopsis

The story narrates the incredible adventure of Matt, a young man who developed a propensity for conspiracy theories. His attraction towards the conspiracies led him to do research on a mysterious artifact which is located in a military base on the south of the capital. He decided to take it.

His decision will not be without consequences, since Matt is closely monitored by the authorities. His family and him will try to escape prosecution of military forces that wish to eliminate them.

This project allowed our students to meet all aspects of the production of a short film. They had to work on the synopsis, realize themselves the scenery and understand the real constraints of filming.

Students involved in the project are:

  • Maxime Mérier
  • Clément Moreau
  • Romain Montigny
  • Hugo Segobia
  • Astrid Fouquet
  • Noemie Mohammed Vignal
  • Antoine Nizan
  • Kevin Bissonnier
  • Steven Thevenot


Led by their teachers Lafuentes Christophe and Sandrine Garcia, audiovisual students had to conceptualize all the sequences including special effects (the image of the artifact or logo), with the aim of producing the teaser of their film.

Until the release of the movie in July, you can keep updated of the progress of the project on the Facebook page dedicated to it and discover the first pictures of the set in the gallery below.